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Pete McGrane Weddings and Events, Skype Guitar Lessons, Intensive Guitar Courses, Guitar Retreats South of France Carcassonne

Hi there, my name is Pete. I'm an Irish guitarist and composer living near the medieval city of Carcassonne in the south of France.


After getting side-tracked with an arts degree, I got down to the serious stuff whilst travelling and found myself playing for cash in bars around Australia, Asia, and Europe. Once back in Dublin I studied classical guitar for several years with the likes of Kevin Robinson and Allen Grundy, before heading off to the caves of Andalucia where I learnt flamenco from two of its doyens: José Ignacio Franco and El Carbonero.

In the years since I moved to Paris, founded a pop band—an intriguing foray into the world of magazine photo shoots, TV miming and festival green rooms—and played as one half of JP Guitar Duo.


You're looking for someone to play at your wedding, private party or corporate event in France or Northern Spain. 

I also teach guitar in my music studio in France and online lessons are an option too.


Sample Setlist for Weddings & Events

Pete McGrane Weddings and Events, Skype Guitar Lessons, Intensive Guitar Courses, Guitar Retreats South of France Carcassonne, Acoustic Guitar, Flamenco, Classic Guitar, Folk


Add a unique touch to your day


Whatever music will make your day—be it the Beatles or Bach, a smattering of Jazz or a touch of Flamenco—I can tailor my repertoire to suit your needs. 



I've played everything from private apartment concerts and intimate marriage proposals, to big corporate events, radio and TV: no event is too big or small...

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!



We are so very happy to have found Pete :) He went above and beyond to make our day special, he even learned a few personal favourite songs to play for us on our special day. Everyone thought he was great, and we still get comments about how beautifully he played. It was very easy to communicate with him, he was quick to reply, and he's just a wonderful person... Hope we get to work with him again in the future. We would recommend him to anyone without hesitation!

—  Sarah & Jeremy, Sallèles-Cabardès, 10/07/21


Pete McGrane
Pete McGrane
Pete McGrane
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Pete McGrane
Pete McGrane
Château Canet
Château d'Agel
Pete McGrane Weddings South of France
Domaine Saint Hilaire
Castelnau des Fieumarcon
Château de Saint-Martory
Montagnac, Languedoc-Roussillon
Chateau de Pennautier
Château de Riveneuve
Pete Mc Grane - Wedding Guitarist
Pete Mc Grane - Wedding Guitarist
Soirée - Château St Pierre de Serjac
Axat Wine Tasting
Private Soirée - Pete McGrane
Guitar Festival Cauderbronde Aug'17 (21)
Pete McGrane musicien
Pete McGrane
Pete McGrane & Jovanny Parvedy
Pete McGrane & Jovanny Parvedy
Pete McGrane & Jovanny Parvedy
Pete McGrane
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Pete McGrane

Guitar Lessons

Please drop me a message if you're looking to take some guitar lessons. I teach all style of guitar and all levels.

Hammock Time
Practice Time
Tutorials with Pete
Alfresco lunch
Improve your guitar playing skills
Walk through the vines
Improve your Guitar Playing Skills
Guitar Workshop
Guitar Retreat - May 2016
Alfresco lunch
Idyllic setting
Professional Tuition
Nightly Jam Sessions

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for our next retreat's dates and fees.


Playing with other people is something I seldom do, and Pete's retreat reminded me how fun it is! I met wonderful people there. My personal highlight: Justin St Pierre's concert on the first night, a true inspiration. Oh, and I have to mention Felicia's delicious cooking.

Eric Bolo

Fin mai 2016, j’ai participé à une retraite musicale de 4 jours organisée par Pete dans sa grande et belle maison ancienne près de Carcassonne. Nous étions 5 guitaristes à participer à cette retraite avec des styles et des niveaux relativement différents. Le planning s’articulait entre des cours, donnés par Pete, en binôme le matin et individuel l’après-midi, l’objectif étant de pouvoir présenter les morceaux travaillés à l’ensemble du groupe en fin de retraite. Je ne peux que me réjouir du déroulement de cette retraite, tant pour l’accueil de Pete et de sa compagne, que pour la qualité des cours prodigués. Pete, guitariste virtuose, aime transmettre sa passion avec beaucoup de patience et de décontraction. Le fait de jouer, lors de cette retraite, avec d’autres guitaristes m’a permis de gagner en relâchement et en écoute… j’ai hâte que Pete en organise une nouvelle !!!

Eric Besnier



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